Balnna Ukulele

Balnna Soprano Ukulele.

Maple 21 inch Traditional High-gloss Rainbow Learn to Play, Color String with Soft Case Gig Bag

This Balnna Ukulele is a special and beautiful beginner’s ukulele – it’s purely cosmetic, though, and it doesn’t have any notable effects on its performance.

Even though most Soprano ukuleles look the same, this remarkable model excels in aesthetics like no other – it features a beautiful finish on the neck and body.

The neck is made of mahogany materials, the fingerboard is built from premium-quality wood while the back and sides are composite.

What’s great about this Soprano ukulele is that it comes pre-strung with color Nylgut strings.

Furthermore, Balnna offers a matching gig bag with the ukulele – it will help you carry it around more with no trouble.

  • High-quality construction
  • Mahogany neck with a wood fingerboard
  • Comes pre-strung with color Nylgut strings
  • Sounds very good for the value

Overall, the Balnna is beautiful, the construction pretty solid, and it sounds great for the money. It might be the best soprano ukulele for your budget.

  • ASTONISHING SOUND QUALITY at an EXCEPTIONAL VALUE–Balnna showcases the ultimate Balnna Dolphin Ukulele at Low Price that is best suited for people who love the ukulele.
  • SOPRANO UKULELE–The soprano is the most traditional size at 21 inches (53.5 cm). It’s also the most common one and it makes that classic ukulele sound. The soprano is great for the very adult, young, toddlers, or elementary-age children.
  • MAPLE WOOD–Built with Tiger grain maple wood on the all, this instrument offers great sustain, durable, and a good separation with ample warmth.
  • Handmade ABS 4 color Bindings, get the approval of a professional tuner.
  • The gig bag is decently strong (not just a thin cheap plastic one) and has like two straps attached in a backpack slung-over-two-shoulders sort of way, not like a knapsack slung over just one shoulder. The most Good with the gig bag is probably that it has a zip all the way around and so it’s kinda easy to take your uke out.
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